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PLAYSTATION®3 Software Usage Terms


* Game software is licensed for home use only on authorised PLAYSTATION®3 systems in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania only

* You may not lease, rent, sublicense, publish, modify, adapt, or translate any portion of the Game Software.

* You may not use the Game Software commercially, broadcast it, charge for its use, use it in a public arcade or make other public performance of it without express permission from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

* To the fullest extent permitted by law, you may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble any portion of the Game Software, or create any derivative works, or otherwise attempt to create Game Software source code from its object code.

* You may not use any unauthorized, illegal, counterfeit, or modified hardware or software in connection with the Game Software to bypass, disable, or circumvent any encryption, security, or authentication mechanism for the PLAYSTATION®3 system.

* You may not resell Game Software unless expressly authorised by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

PLAYSTATION®Store Download items

* In-game items or content that you have purchased may be downloaded from PLAYSTATION®Store. Pursuant to the particular terms of use that govern a specific in-game item or content you have purchased, you may use that item or content on up to three (3) different PLAYSTATION®3 systems that have been activated for your account. You may deactivate or activate specific PLAYSTATION®3 systems, as long as the maximum activated number of PLAYSTATION®3 systems for your account at any given time is three (3).

* There are two sets usage schemes for content, corresponding to two categories of in-game items and other content that you purchase.

1) The first category, called Network Content, can only be accessed by one activated PLAYSTATION®3 system per day and only by the account through which the Network Content was purchased. Network Content cannot be used on two different PLAYSTATION®3 systems within a twenty-four (24) hour period
2) The second category, called Local Content, once installed on a PLAYSTATION®3 system by the account that purchased it, can be accessed by other accounts on that same PLAYSTATION®3 systems.

* Whether a particular item or content is Network Content or Local Content is in the sole discretion of SCE or its licensors and is subject to change at any time.